“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” — Blaise Pascal
So often it’s, “don’t try this at home”. But now, try this simple working from home (WFH) mindfulness breathing exercise.
Take 4 and a half minutes.
I call it Listening By Yourself (LBY).
How Breathing into Your Belly Reboots your Body’s Health:
— By stretching abdomen/stomach muscles, an electrical signal sent that slows of heart rate, cortex firings
— This activates parasympathic (relaxation) nervous system, activates glands/hormone secretion

What Changes, Improves?
– Fires Up Immune System—by waking up the Thymus gland – Release Toxins—70% of all toxins leave body via breath
– Slow Aging Process and Regulate-Improve bone density
– Releasing hormones like Serotonin HGH, DHEA (steroid decreases cholesterol, heart disease)
– Scientists shown Alzheimer patients ½ the levels of DHEA
– Increases sense of happiness via secretion of Serotonin in the gut Do it with your Breath!
Having more Energy by Breathing with your Neck
Scientists have shown that back of your neck, more specifically the region at the base of your skull called the medulla, controls and regulates your breathing, heart rate, digestion, swallowing, and blood pressure.
Incredible. This one area controls most of your body’s functioning.
That is why it is so important to focus on and open up your neck with breathing exercises.
By including neck movement with your stomach breathing, you will generate more energy throughout your body.
As we like to say, Breathe down your Own Neck!
THINK ABOUT THIS: 85% of all back pain does NOT have a physical cause. Yet, we often cite the back as a problem area when we are under stress.

Here’s what happens when you work on better posture and good spinal breathing techniques:
– Leads to more hormone secretion
– Better memories and positive thoughts
– Enhanced intuition
Looks a little goofy, but try these 4 very simple exercises — they work!
I’ve been discussing mindfulness a lot lately, and this is a common response: MEDITATION SUCKS.
Even if it is basic Buddha Belly Breathing, Neck Breathing, Spine Breathing, etc., it can be difficult for some to incorporate meditation exercises into their routines.
Sometimes people have a hard time getting into it. Sometimes they can’t find the time to focus. Sometimes they just don’t believe it will help them. So instead of trying to convince them otherwise, I came up with this one. Forget meditating…That’s right, DO NOT meditate. Instead, just hold your breath for a few extra seconds instead!

You’ll find there are 3 immediate benefits to doing this:
– More oxygen in your blood stream helps cells operate more efficiently
– Oxygen increase gives you more energy
– Reduces inflammation in the body

Try this one out and let me know how it goes!
Studies show: Less than 5% of our happiness is generated by the activity we are doing — the rest comes from simply paying attention. Also, 47% of the time when you are sitting idle, your mind wanders. Most people don’t realize that this also is a key indicator of your level of happiness. So I am going to show you a quick and easy exercise, that just requires you to sit in one place and say your name. That alone will help you bring the wanderings of your left and right side of your brain back to the center, and help you pay more attention to what you are doing and experiencing. Try this exercise for just a few minutes a day and you will find yourself significantly happier!
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